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Transformation Eudora Tip #237/01-Sept-2004 It was exactly 5 years ago on 01 September 1999 that I started the Eudora Tips mailing list. In those 5 years I’ve written more than 235 Tips, several of them with help from other contributors. Now, five years later, it’s time to transform the Eudora Tips mailing list. From now […]

Separate feeds

I’ve now found out how to get a separate feed for each of Mac Tips and Eudora Tips. The Mac Tips feed is at: http://mactips.info/tips/wp-rdf.php?cat=3 The Eudora Tips feed is at: http://mactips.info/tips/wp-rdf.php?cat=2 Note that if you get only one or both of those feeds you won’t get any Admin messages. To get the Admin feed […]

January 2004 Changes to Eudora Tips

Greetings Eudora Tips Subscriber, at the end of 2003 regular transmission was interrupted. I believe the last four Tips I sent weren’t received. What was worse was that I was so overwhelmingly busy I didn’t realise this until I’d stopped for my summer break. For the last three years Glenn Anderson of the Eudora Internet […]

Archive Upgrade

I’ve upgraded the Tips Archive to WordPress 1.0. I think things are all running smoothly, but if you notice any oddities please let me know.

Comments Fixed (I think)

I’ve been adding comments people emailed to me — you know, I much prefer you to comment here, then others can answer. There has been a big glitchy horridness with the Comments. I think I’ve fixed it. Maybe. Perhaps. Comment away!