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Reader Testimonials wanted

Next week I’ll be publishing Tip #300, celebrating 6 years of Tips! I’d like to put out a Press Release for this occasion. If you’re a regular reader, would you be willing to write a one or two sentence Testimonial? If so, please write what you’d like to say in the body of an email […]

One second poll reminder

if you read the Mac Tips RSS feed or visit the Tips Archive website please be sure to vote in the poll. I’d like to get a response from every reader. It’s totally anonymous; no information is recorded about you. You only have to select one answer from these choices: To celebrate reaching 250 Mac […]

We celebrate 250 weekly Mac Tips!

It was back in May 2001 that I wrote the first weekly Mac Tip: Close Them Now Mac Tip #01/02-May-2001, although it was preceded by about 80 Tips for using Eudora on the Mac. This week I publish Mac Tip #250, and it’s time to celebrate! Please vote in the poll The Tips are supported […]