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Problems with the RSS feed

My thanks go to a reader who alerted me to a couple of problems with the Tips Archive. I’ve fixed the first problem: that the Contact form wasn’t working. The second problem is proving more difficult though: if you try to subscribe to a Feedburner feed whose address is http://feeds.feedburner.com/mactips/PETA all you see is a […]

Warning: site renovations

I’m about to take the final steps in making the MacTips Archive the sole focus of the MacTips.info domain. Previously the TiKouka blog and the Learning Centre were also housed here. There may be some disruption. If so: my apologies for the inconvenience. The TiKouka blog was focused on the Macintosh and on web design. […]

Mac Tips celebrates its 7th birthday

We’re celebrating the Mac Tips 7th birthday all through August, so watch out for news to come… The 06 August 2008 issue marks yet another 50th Tip — #350. I don’t ask for payment for these Tips and don’t intend to in the future either. However, each Tip takes me quite some time to prepare […]

Changes for the new year

I’m changing the look of the Tips Archive. Things may be a bit strange for a while … Update: things are pretty much done now. There are a couple of features I haven’t yet enabled, but the Tips Archive now sports shiny new header images, a new layout, slimmed down sidebars, a new poll, and […]