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AppleScript How-to

AppleScript How-to Eudora Tip #233/28-July-2004 There are many people around who use AppleScript to automate parts of their Eudora workflow. I’ve shared some of these scripts with you in earlier Tips. I’m no AppleScript expert myself so I asked Christopher Stone, junksieve@cox.net, if he could share some of his vast expertise. I suggested this scenario: […]

Text in columns

Text in columns Eudora Tip #232/21-July-2004 This isn’t exactly a Eudora Tip but it might help you with your emails all the same. I receive some longer newsletters by email. An example would be the NewsScan Daily, which is likely to be about 1600 words. Sometimes I just don’t feel like reading it in Eudora, […]

Report a Bug

Report a Bug Eudora Tip #231/14-July-2004 When people create software they don’t sit in a vacuum and magically know what people want or what’s not working right. They need our feedback, our suggestions and our reports of problems to help them create the software we need and want. One of the things they need to […]

Settings Backup

Settings Backup Eudora Tip #230/07-July-2004 Last week’s Tip was about knowing your email settings. I mentioned the client who had to enter her settings from scratch as she hadn’t kept a backup. Two readers emailed me to point out that Eudora creates a file called “Eudora Settings.bkup” alongside the “Eudora Settings” file. I’ve added their […]

The Essential Settings

The Essential Settings Eudora Tip #229/30-June-2004 A client recently had a Eudora problem which seemed to be caused by her Eudora Settings file having been corrupted. Who knows how this happened! It doesn’t really matter anyway – the point is that her Eudora Settings were no longer of any use and had to be replaced. […]

Startup offline

Startup offline Eudora Tip #228/23-June-2004 If you have Eudora set to automatically check mail at regular intervals then it will usually initiate a check as soon as you start it up. This is sometimes very inconvenient. To prevent that you can put Eudora into “offline” mode at startup time. Just hold down the Shift key […]