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Eudora moving to Open Source

Today has brought us some big news about Eudora for Mac and Windows. Eudora is going Open Source, effective the first half of calendar year 2007. As an open source product, it will be free to all customers. Future versions of Eudora will be based on the same technology platform as the open source Mozilla […]

Zoom text in Eudora

A friend and I were discussing the problems of reading emails in Eudora at different times of day. I need to make text larger in the early morning and late evening. I found an easy way to zoom text in Eudora. The following instructions only look long because I’ve written out each step. I had […]

Changes planned for Eudora

According to Document ID: 2654HQ Eudora should continue to work just fine on the new Tiger OS. We are excited about the new technologies in MacOSX Tiger, including SpotLight and WebKit HTML display/authoring. We are currently reworking Eudora to take advantage of these technologies, as well as converting it from Carbon to Cocoa, to take […]

Updated x-eudora-settings-list

Adam Engst has updated the list of x-eudora-settings, and also moved the updates mailing list to a new server. Here’s the information about it: … although I’ll continue to send out copies of the x-eudora-settings to this list, if you want to get it before the next major update, or you want to tell someone […]


I regret that a deluge of spam commenting has forced me to turn off comments on the Tips for the time being. There are about 80 legitimate comments here. I’ve deleted at least 730 spam comments since the beginning of the year. If you have a comment to make please email me directly and mention […]