22 Tempting Timesavers for Mac Users

Do you know how to

  • jump quickly to the file you want in a Finder list?
  • quickly open the folder that contains the file you’re working on?
  • move easily between fields in a form, such as when you enter a Username and Password?
  • easily select words, lines and paragraphs when editing text?
  • paste text from another source into your document without messing up fonts, sizes, colors and other formatting?
  • get the buttons you need onto a Toolbar and remove the buttons you never use?
  • have your Mac read aloud to you?
  • Forward Delete when the keyboard doesn’t have a Forward Delete key?
  • zoom in quickly on part of the screen?

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22 Tempting Timesavers for Mac Users answers all those questions and it gives you another 15 or so handy Tips that speed up your work, save you time, and make using your Mac a whole lot smoother.

List of Tips

  1. Keyboard symbols
  2. Type the first letter in lists of files
  3. Expand Open and Save dialog boxes
  4. Option click on files in Save dialog boxes
  5. Command click a document Title for quick navigation
  6. Type a couple of letters in drop-down menus
  7. Tab and Shift Tab move between fields
  8. Double click to select words; triple click for paragraphs
  9. Copy and paste styles
  10. Help points out lost menu items
  11. Customise a toolbar
  12. Minimise windows in bulk (and get them back again)
  13. De-clutter while you work by hiding things
  14. Make your Mac read to you
  15. Find text within a web page with Command F
  16. Open a set of browser bookmarks in separate Tabs
  17. Use Safari 5′s Reader for easier reading on the web
  18. Command click links in Safari
  19. The secret Forward Delete key
  20. Save searches for files on your Mac
  21. Use Automator to do the work for you
  22. Zoom in quickly on part of the screen in Lion
  23. Gather files fast
  24. Bonus Tip: Use 1Password to store and enter passwords
  25. Bonus Tip: Use TextExpander to type text for you

Where to buy 22 Tempting Timesavers for Mac Users

22 Tempting Timesavers for Mac Users
is available from Amazon.com as a Kindle book (usually US$4.40 — until the end of March 2013 it’s only US$0.99!) You don’t need a Kindle device.

See my Author Page at Amazon.com.

22 Tips and techniques that are sure to save you time as you use your Mac. Any Mac user from a raw beginner to an experienced user will find tips here for using their Mac to work and play more quickly and more easily.

22 Tempting Timesavers for Mac Users.

22 Tempting Timesavers for Mac Users.

Find quick ways to name files or save them to the right place. Find out how to quickly move around in the Finder or call up web browser bookmarks. Find out how to clean up your workspace with the press of a key, or how to have your Mac read you stories. Looking for one particular thing on a long web page? This books shows you how to find it in an instant. Trouble reading tiny print? This book shows you how to zoom in for a better look.

These 22 Tips, plus a couple of bonus Tips, are sure to save you time as you use your Mac.

They’ll probably also reduce frustration and save energy too.

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What reviewers say

Two terrific timesaver tips already implemented. Miraz writes in an easy to read consistent style – I especially like the “Get the Picture” part where I can see specifically what is meant. I look forward to getting the Mac to read to me – that will be tomorrow as I must get back to work! — Hanch

I’ve followed Miraz’s Mactips for years and they have taught me how to use my various Mac devices better. This book brings together 22 of those tips, some of which I knew and had forgotten about, some of which are new to me. So I’m following her advice (always a good idea!) and having skimmed right through, am working on adding one at a time to my regular use. — peajayar

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