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Labelling Messages

Labelling Messages Eudora Tip #57/08-Nov-2000 Sometimes I want a particular message to stand out in the list of messages in a mailbox. When all the messages look the same, that’s a little hard. Fortunately Eudora gives you the option of labelling messages. You can do this manually or with a filter. To label a message […]

Backup your mail

Backup your mail Eudora Tip #46/10-Aug-2000 Some of my clients send and receive 5 messages per week, others 500 messages per day. Some keep all messages they’ve ever sent or received, others trash all messages. However you do email, there are certain things you should back up and others you might choose to back up. […]

Sorting your mailboxes Part Two

Sorting your mailboxes Part Two Eudora Tip #43/21-July-2000 If you want to sort a mailbox you don’t have to bother with the Menu Bar. On newer versions of Eudora each column is headed with a column name such as Who, Date, Subject. Just click on the column name to sort the column by that item. […]

Sorting your mailboxes Part One

Sorting your mailboxes Part One Eudora Tip #42/05-July-2000 Sometimes it would be easy to find what you’re looking for in a mailbox if only it were sorted by date, or name of sender, or subject. Open any mailbox on screen and check out the menu bar. Under the Special Menu note the Sort submenu. Now […]