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Mac Tips Subscription Update: oThe MacTips mailing list no longer exists. The following information is of historical interest only. To subscribe to the Feedburner emailed version of the Tips please look for the subscribe link near the top of the Home Page. Visit the MacTips Subscription page to join or leave the mailing list. This […]

Overcome Email Overload with Eudora 5

Overcome Email Overload with Eudora 5 Eudora Tip #132/08-May-2002 If you use email for business then it’s quite possible you deal with dozens of emails every day. If you add in mailing lists (whether for fun or as part of your professional development) you may even handle hundreds of messages per day. Eudora is a […]

Eudora Software explained

Eudora Software explained Qualcomm make the Eudora software for Macintosh and Windows. Eudora Internet Mail Server (EIMS) is the most popular Internet mail server for the Macintosh. If you need to handle email for a dozen users, or thousands of users, EIMS is a reliable and easy to use solution.