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Worst iPad Apps of 2013

Worst iPad Apps of 2013

Worst iPad Apps of 2013

The iTunes app store bursts around the edges from the large number of apps, but this does not mean all of them are useful. In fact, it is questionable whether some of them should even exist. Who needs a Pocket Whip (apart from Sheldon in “The Big Bang Theory”, apparently)? And what do you think […]

Receipt Free Mac survey code

We can’t help writing this Mac tips though its less to do with the Apple Mac than McDonalds McMuffin!!! However, we think it is one great tip for Mac fans (not the Apple Mac type) who wants to get a free McDonalds meal. Not only am I a BIG Apple Mac fan – I own […]

kids safe browser

Rover app kids safe browser for schools and kids

The Rover app is a free education browser that allows kids to access education content in a safe environment. It provides a web safe filter browser for kids to access content without the worry of accessing content that are inappropriate. Furthermore, it supports Flash content if you subscribe to its plan which then allows a […]

Apple Discloses User Information to Governments

Apple Discloses User Information to Governments

Apple disclosed data from its users accounts to U.S. administration officials fewer than 1000 times during the previous months of 2013, according to a Report on Government Information Requests that the company issued on 5 Nov 2013. “Apple’s main business is not about collecting information,” the company said in the report. In detailing its interactions […]


Twitter and Privacy: One-In-Five Tweets Divulge User Location

#doyouknowwhoswatchingyou? A new study from USC researchers sampled more than 15 million tweets, showing that some Twitter users may be inadvertently revealing their location through updates on the social media channel. The study, which appears in the current issue of the International Journal of Geoinformatics, provides important factual data for a growing national conversation about […]