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iPhone Data Speeds Being Throttle Purposefully by Apple

iPhone Data Speeds Being Throttle Purposefully by Apple

A lot of people choose iPhone or Apple devices for that matter for its superb performance and the quality that it manages to deliver time and again. However, a developer has reported that he has found hacks, or pieces of codes, on iPhone 5 devices offered by a few carriers that throttle data download speeds […]


Apple May Lose Up To $680M Due to Ban on Older Models of iPhone and iPad

Apple and Samsung has always been involved in some legal battle or the other, ever since the inception of Android, and the latest patent dispute might cause a loss of up to $680M to Apple. In a surprise move, the ITC (US International Trade Commission) has ruled in favor of Samsung in the latest legal […]

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Is the Galaxy S4 Mini from Samsung a Threat to iPhone 5

Samsung has always used negative marketing tactics when it comes to competing with Apple. When the Galaxy S3 was released, just a month before the iPhone, it was intended to snatch away a section of the iPhone market. Even after the iPhone 5 was released, Samsung released a list that compared features, which portrayed S4 […]