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Tether Mac to Iphone

How to tether your MacBook to your iPhone 5

As technology continues to expand its boundaries, our mobile devices are not just limited to making and receiving text messages and calls, it can be our internet hotspot too. Also known as Tethering Technology, it allows you to share the mobile data connection of your Smartphone to grant your tablets, notebooks, and laptops an access […]

5 Mac OS X Accessability Featurers & Tips

5 Mac OS X Accessability Featurers & Tips

Since I know you all live to find ways to tweak those OS X devices, the below few tweaks lifts up those hidden rocks that are normally left alone. The Accessibility panel of System Preferences is one of them. 1. Change the cursor size A very common use for Mac’s is to hook them up […]

Mac O SX Andorid

How Do I Run Android Apps on Mac OS X Desktop

Have you ever wanted to run Andorid Apps on the Mac OS X, just like an regular application, hell yea, I hear you say. Well ofcourse, Android has a huge marketplace full of excellent Apps that would be great to run on MacBooks and any Mac computer. Instructions Thank fully there are a growing number […]