How to send anonymous text messages from your cell phone?

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There may be a time when you may need to protect your identity yet have to text or call someone? This can happen when you are trying to date someone and need to communicate with them but you are not yet quite ready to reveal your primary phone number or share your WhatsApp, Messenger or Kik account. The best thing to do is to get a second phone number for your iPhone. There are many apps on the market that can do that – but one of the best one we found is the Phoner app.

The Phoner app allows you to text and call anonymously right away with a free anonymous texting number. You can also download Second phone number for Android at the Google Play store. We tried texting among ourselves and to friends and the Phoner app was able to mask our personal number and masquerade as different number. One of the downside is that with the free Phoner number, you will not know what number it is going to be and so you cannot share or give out the number. However, you can purchase a premium number which then allows you to choose a very specific number to share. In effect, it becomes your second phone number which you can then share out with people who are not quite your friends but need a communication relationship with.

Many anonymous apps out there charges about $0.10 per text messages, but in comparing prices, we found that Phoner is one of the cheapest in terms of both numbers. With some of the package we tested with, it worked out to be about $0.01-$0.02 per text message. Furthermore, the Phoner app also supports voice calls.

If you need private texting, you should download the Phoner app and get a free second number or multiple numbers for your various relationship. Best of all, when you are done with a number, you can dispose of just like a disposable burner phone. When you burn the phone number, you can change it again with the Phoner phone number changer which easily allows you to choose any number in any state.

In comparing with Skype which also allows you to choose a number, a Phoner number costs about USD$1.99 for 1 month with some texts and minutes whereas a Skype number alone with minutes and texts easily cost $3.99 per month. Best of all, Phoner app comes with no contracts or other fees and you can choose to change and burn your phone number as often as you like.

Download a second phone number today.

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