Worst iPad Apps of 2013

The iTunes app store bursts around the edges from the large number of apps, but this does not mean all of them are useful. In fact, it is questionable whether some of them should even exist. Who needs a Pocket Whip (apart from Sheldon in “The Big Bang Theory”, apparently)? And what do you think about a Pimple Pooper? These are just a couple of examples of iPad apps that anyone could do without. Here are some of the worst iPad apps that hit the iTunes store in 2013.

Heat Sense
This app is designed to show users the heat given by their fingers when they use the touch screen of their iPad. You can choose from a number of different colours and you can draw patterns with your fingers. This is definitely one of the most useless apps around.

Coke Drink
You may not expect a company such as Coca Cola to come up with such a useless app, butthey did, and all you can do with it is take the top off a bottle of coke, add some ice and…that’s it. You’re more than welcome to stare at the drink you made for yourself for as long as you want.

This is one of the worst apps around, even though if you are lazy enough to do anything to get out of doing work you may find it useful, or at least funny. The idea behind the app is to make it sound like you work, even when you don’t. There are several types of pre-set sounds to choose from, including typing, crumbling paper, and clicking. The iNap@Work app should come with a disclosure, as it will not actually save you from the angry glares of your peers or boss while sleeping on the job.

iFrench Kiss
This app is not only completely useless, but many people may find it gross, too. The idea is that you should use the app to test your kissing skills. Making out with the iPad in order to determine your smooching skills is probably one of the worst things you could do with your time.

Goggle Eyes
This app displays a cartoon monkey on the screen of the iPad and all you need to do is stare back at it. On top of this, you get to pay for the privilege. The big-eye monkey never takes its gaze off you, according to the description of the app. Not that you would care much. After all, who would like to play a game that involves blankly staring at a primate?

Shave Me
This completely useless app allows you to make use of the touch screen capabilities of the iPad and the high-end retina display to…shave a virtual beard. Simply take the razor and shave it in any form you would like. You have to be careful, though, as rushed or careless shaving may result in a very painful razor burn. The pointlessness of the app is taken to extreme with options such as Blood Toggle, intended for those who are too squeamish to deal with blood, even though it is a merely virtual one.
These are just some of the worst iPad apps you can download from the iTunes app store. Most of them are compatible with the iPhone as well. If you are truly bored and want to literally kill some time, they may be worth a look.

Richard McMunn is a writer for How2become.com; a leading career and recruitment specialist for public sector careers. For the last 8 years How2become has helped numerous people prepare for and pass tough recruitment processes and assessment centres in order to secure their dream job. You can also connect with How2become on Google Plus

Worst iPad Apps of 2013
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