How to take advantage of iPhone 5s M7 motion co-processor

If you are a fitness or health fanatic, then you will definitely crazy about the new M7 motion co-processor in iPhone 5s. It tracks your activities and movements in an easy and precise way that you will make the best use of.  There are a small, but growing number of fitness apps that use the M7 to track your daily steps, but we’re sure lots of apps will take advantage of the possibilities over time. Here we will explain what exactly it is and how it works.

M7 motion co-processor runs constantly in the background, even when the iPhone is not in use and the chip gathers motion data from the accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass and translates that information into body motion. It tracks this data in the background every second of every day (that your iPhone is physically powered on anyway). It stores this motion data on the chip itself for a period of seven days. Once the data hits seven days old it is deleted unless saved as data in a third party app.

The M7 makes it easier than ever for the iPhone to be a tool to track your fitness. Since our phone is almost always with us, we can now get a more realistic impression of how much we are moving and it will definitely help you monitor your fitness and, ultimately, improving your health.

How to Take advantage of iPhone 5s M7 motion co-processor

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