Rover app kids safe browser for schools and kids

The Rover app is a free education browser that allows kids to access education content in a safe environment. It provides a web safe filter browser for kids to access content without the worry of accessing content that are inappropriate. Furthermore, it supports Flash content if you subscribe to its plan which then allows a lot more content to be unlocked. A newly released version promise improved speed and performance.

There is a dedicated community of educators, students and parents across the world including the US that are using Rover in school districts, kindergartens and other educational settings. The ability to use Flash with a subscription allows a lot more sites to be visited that would not be possible on other browsers on the iPad. Kids can now use the enhanced Rover app to access educational materials in math, reading, science and phonics.

If you do not want to subscribe to the plan, you can still download for free and use it to access non-Flash content in a kids safe environment. Rover has more than a million downloads and has grown to be a premier education browser on the tablet in just one year. It also uses a streaming platform to stream Flash content instead of running it natively.

Given the proliferation of tablets in the educational environment and its use for students to gather information or access educational content, the Rover app will serve as one of the important app that should be installed on kids’ iPad.

kids safe browser
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