How to Use Private Browsing with Safari for iOS 7

Privacy is something that most people appreciate and lately with the new technology found in everything we use, it became an impossible thing to get. Maybe you can’t get some privacy in lots of things but of course we will help you here get at least your privacy in browsing the internet through private browsing in Safari and no data of whatever you browsed will be saved in your device; No history of lately browsed data, no cookies or cache files, nothing … It’s like you were never there!

Some people might be familiar with private browsing on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, but now we will tackle it on Safari for iOS7 by changing few settings in your Safari browser and nothing big. You can use this setting change on iPhone, iPad and iPod all the same.

Launch Safari on your device and visit any webpage that you are used to, then tap on the URL in order to be able to see the URL bar and the navigation button. Now you should see something that looks like two overlapping squares which is the panel icon, tap on it. Select “Private” in order to start browsing Safari on the Private mode. You get two choices here, whither to close all the currently open pages which you could chose by taping on “Close All”, or you could keep everything as it is but only turn them into the private browsing mode, which you could do by choosing “Keep All”.

Now you have everything set to browse the internet as much as you want with no cookies or history or anything. You can follow the same steps on all your devices whether it is an iPad, iPhone or iPod.



How to Use Private Browsing with Safari for iOS 7

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