How to Use Personal Hotspot on iPhone / iPad to Share Its Internet Connection

Stuck in a place where there is no internet connection in your PC or Mac and need the internet badly? Personal Hotspot is one of the great things you enjoy with having an iPhone or an iPad as it simply makes your iPhone/iPad device into a wireless router which gives your Mac or PC internet connection just as you want it. It is very well known as “Wi-Fi Hotspot”.


Of course in order to have internet connection on your iPhone/iPad in the first place you should have a cellular data plan that offers you that internet connection and then you can use it as a Hotspot. We will show you here and guide you step by step on how to do it.


Launch Settings on your iPhone/iPad and then tap on “Personal Hotspot” make sure you have it turned on. You probably should set a password for your Wi-Fi connection in order to keep it limited to those devices you would like to connect, so you should tap on “Wi-Fi Password” and set it from there.


Now go back to your PC or Mac in order to connect it to your new Hotspot, check your wireless connections nearby and choose the one you have just created on your iPhone/iPad to connect to it… Voila! Simple as that. Now you can enjoy your internet connection through your personal Hotspot. Of course you can turn it off after you are done by switching it off using the same steps we explained earlier.




How to Use Personal Hotspot on iPhone  iPad to Share Its Internet Connection
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