How to Recover Deleted Files from Mac OS X with DiskDrill

This thing must have happened to you once or twice, deleting files by accident, sometime it is no such a big deal but what if it’s an important file that you need for your meeting in the next few hours? Don’t freak out yet because there is some potentially good news; you may be able to recover the deleted files within OS X with the help of a third party tool called DiskDrill.

Whether you need to recover your files and folders without having a backup or you have them deleted from you’re the backup, DiskDrill is literally your saver and the great news is that it’s absolutely free, so why not give it a try! It will simply scan your driver to see if it can recover the file that have been removed, however if you want to recover the files, then you might want to upgrade into the pro version in order to get your files back.

First you need to download DiskDrill, and then connect it to your Mac. Launch the program and then select Scan In order to start scanning the device for deleted files. After the program is done with the scanning, you need to locate the files that you want to recover and then set the recovery location, however when you choose the Recover option you will be asked to purchase the upgraded pro version. Now DiskDrill will recover your files and your files will be restored where you chose to have them.


How to Recover Deleted Files from Mac OS X with DiskDrill

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