How to Move an iTunes Library to an External Drive or USB Flash Stick

Wouldn’t having your entire iTunes Library anywhere with you in an external Drive or USB flash stick an amazing thing you want to do? It’s simple, it’s easy and it’s great! It will give you a free space and great benefits. Now bring your external USB Drive or Flash Disk and let’s get started!


Open your iTunes and then choose the “Advanced” tab. Now go to “iTunes Media Folder Location” then select and copy the path you have under your current location. Now you should go to the Finder in OS X or on your windows explorer in case you are using PC, Launch the iTunes Library File Path. Now connect the external drive in order to copy the files you have on your iTunes Library.


Just lay back to wait till everything is copied. Go back to iTunes once the file transferring process is done and then go to “iTunes Media Folder” and choose the “Change” button in order to select the new location. Go to your external Flash Drive and select the copied “iTunes Media” folder and then open it. Click on “OK” in order to confirm your selection. Make sure you keep the USB Flash Drive connected the whole time in order to make sure that everything goes smoothly and not to lose any data. It’s an easy process with no complications. Now you get to clear up the space on your hard drive if you want to as you have everything now on your external device.


How to Move an iTunes Library to an External Drive or USB Flash Stick

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