How to Master group communication in iOS 7

If you are a huge fan of spending lots of time communicating with friends and want to enjoy your time on your iOS7 instead of using social media accounts, then we will show you how to do that with lots of options in few clicks away. There are several different ways in iOS 7 to create a personal short-term group and keep your communication private within that group.

You can try Sharing iCloud’s iCalendars with your friends which will share specific events with specific group of people you choose. You might want to create a new iCalendar to share instead of sharing your personal one. You can simply share your calendar by tapping on the information button on your calendar and add the contact you would like to share it with.

I think you already know this one but you might also want to try it which is the group messaging with iMessages. You can send whatever you want to your friends and add as many friends as you want by tapping on the plus sign in the “To:” of a new message, you can add additional contacts to your iMessage. Sharing your location is also one of the cool things to communicate with your friends, maybe there is a friend nearby and would love to come and say hi.

Share the great memories and unforgettable moments with your friends through iCloud Shared photo streams which is unlike iMessages or Mail, it allows you to send multiple photos to a group of people at the same time. One more thing you could try is the iOS email distribution lists which allows the Mail app to remember certain contact list in order to send an email to the list in one click which is great.


How to Master group communication in iOS 7

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