How to Fix Randomly Disconnecting Bluetooth Keyboards and Devices

Having a flaky connection with your Bluetooth wireless Apple keyboard, magic trackpad or a magic mouse could be really annoying especially if you are in the middle of something very important. When something is wrong it just goes obvious as clicks will stop registering, keys will get stuck typing a character, the device will randomly disconnect, or you’ll get stuck in an annoying “Connection Lost” to “Connected” loop that flashes the device logos on the screen. Fortunately like always we are ready to help you with this and resolve the problem for good, looking for possible causes and finding out how to properly fix it.

There might be a lot of things that could be causing the problem to happen in the first place. Battery Level of your Bluetooth device is usually the most common cause, so you might want to double check your batteries the next time you have that problem.

The second thing you might want to check is the Cycle Bluetooth Off &On and the easiest way to power cycle Bluetooth is to pull down the menu, select “Turn Bluetooth Off”, then let it sit for a moment to take effect before going back to the same menu and choosing “Turn Bluetooth On”. Maybe this one will sound too obvious but you might want to check it as well, try to restart the device or the wireless keyboard. Also try to delete the device profile and try reading it again.

Since this is a wireless device, then you might want to check the signal strength through a hidden strength indicator. Just open System preferences>Bluetooth and then hold down the “Option” key to show the indicator. The last thing you should check is checking for obvious interference from other Bluetooth devices or any other device that might cause interference with the device.

How to Fix Randomly Disconnecting Bluetooth Keyboards & Devices

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