How to fix a bricked or failed-to-update Apple TV by restoring with iTunes

Restoring data into your 2nd or 3rd generation Apple TV is an easy and simple process that is pretty much the same as in iPhone through iTunes. Apple has recently released the latest 6.0 software update, however after there has been few reports of it bricking user’s Apple TV started tickling in.  We understand how a lot of people must have been suffering from this not being apple to restore it the way it was and having such a great device without being able to use which is why we will help you through this article to restore everything using iTunes.

Make sure you have those things before you start. Of course your Apple TV, a Micro-USB cable which you can easily get with a cheap price from most electronics stores and a Mac or a PC with the latest version of iTunes.

First, plug your Apple TV to your Mac or PC using the micro-USB cable you bought. Then open iTunes on your Mac or PC. After that you should select Apple TV which will show up on the top right of the navigation bar if it doesn’t pop up on its own. Then click on “Restore Apple TV”. You will be informed that your Apple TV will be restored to factory setting and updated to the latest software version which is exactly what you want. Click on “Restore and Update”. Hit Next which will lead you to Apple’s terms and conditions which you should agree on in order to start restoring the settings.

That’s it! Your device will start restoring everything and update the software. Just make sure you do not unplug your Apple TV from the computer while it’s restoring. You will get a message once it is complete and then you can unplug the cable and enjoy your Apple TV again like you always have.

How to fix a bricked or failed-to-update Apple TV by restoring with iTunes

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  1. Ina B. Shepard said:

    This restore process requires a micro-USB cable (sold separately), a computer with iTunes, and a high-speed Internet connection. This will install the latest software and revert the device to factory settings.

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