How to Fix Connection Problems on Your iPhone or iPad

 Many people have been reporting Wi-Fi problems after updating to iOS 6 on iPads or on iPhones. The connection might start working sometimes, but it How to Fix Connection Problems on Your iPhone or iPadusually stops or takes a very long time to connect to anything.

The network configuration gets corrupted during the update, causing connectivity issues. Lucky for you, there is an easy fix that won’t require you to reset your entire device only re-entering each of your Wi-Fi passwords.

  1. Tap Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings and confirm. This will help to clear all the corrupt settings that consider being the reason of your problems, but it will also make your phone forget all of your Wi-Fi passwords, which brings us directly to step 2.
  2. Tap Settings -> Wi-Fi -> and choose your WiFi network. Enter your password and tap Join. Don’t forget to do the same step for any other Wi-Fi networks you normally connect to.

If you can’t remember your Wi-Fi passwords, and you’ve got an Android device around, it’s a good chance to try hacking the Wi-Fi password with your phone.

Don’t ever forget that the first thing you should do before getting into more complicated troubleshooting is to move closer to your router because being away  will probably make the Wi-Fi signal strength not be strong enough for your iPad to connect to Wi-Fi. Make sure too that there’s nothing wrong in your device.

How to Fix Connection Problems on Your iPhone or iPad

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