How to disable access to Control Center from appearing within apps in iOS7

Control Center gives you access to many system toggles and utilities on your iPhone and iPad from virtually anywhere including while you’re in an app. It is one of the great features introduced in iOS 7, but because it is accessed with a swipe up gesture it can be fairly easy to accidentally trigger specially with games. For games that require swiping gestures, it can be very easy to activate Control Center when you didn’t really mean to. Nothing kills the buzz of an epic slicing session like having your settings suddenly take over three-quarters of your screen. This is especially true in games where a lot of swiping goes on (like Fruit Ninja).

Fortunately there is an easy quick fix to disable access to Control Center when you’re inside an app to prevent times like this from happening. Here’s how to shut down the up-swipe drawer before it gets in the way. Launch the Settings on your iPhone or iPad, tap on Control Center and Flip the switch for Access Within Apps to the Off position.

That’s it. Control Center will no longer be triggered with an upwards swipe from the bottom of the screen when you’re inside an app. You’ll still be able to bring up Control Center from Home screens, but it will be disabled while you’re in an app.

Now you can enjoy your favorite apps without being interrupted by an opaque settings screen getting in the way. Gamers will probably get the most use out of this setting since the appearance of Control Center can not only be annoying but it can also slow down performance.

How to disable access to Control Center from appearing within apps in iOS 7

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