How to Record Your Mac’s Screen Using QuickTime X


How many times you wanted to watch a video or listen to some music online, and found that your computer can’t play the file? That’s why they made How to Record Your MacQuickTime. It’s a powerful and useful media technology that works on Mac and PC and plays almost every popular video or audio format you can imagine. So you can easily play any digital media you want to play.

When Apple released QuickTime X, they added amazing features including screen recording, which helps to do so many different things, the most important was creating tutorials and other videos on your Mac! We’ll show you how it works!

If you’re ready, it’s a good idea to check on the phone and make sure that the appropriate microphone is selected, and set your video quality. To get started, open QuickTime, select File > New Screen Recording.

Now that you’re completely ready, hit the record button to start recording your screen. You can probably choose whether to record the whole screen, or just a part of it. If you chose a microphone, QuickTime will also record audio along with the screen-cast. To cut the recording, hit the Stop button. QuickTime will now prepare your video.

QuickTime has recorded your video and its ready to be previewed by playing it back, save the video and maybe to upload to the internet if you want. To save your video, select File > Export, choose a filename and format, choose where you’d like to save it, and hit the Export button.

How to Record Your Mac’s Screen Using QuickTime X

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  1. Seth P. Rice said:

    When you stop your video recording your movie is automatically opened in a Quicktime window. Your finished recording is saved to the desktop.

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