How to Make Siri Pronounce Names Correctly on Your iPhone Running iOS 7

How to Make Siri Pronounce Names Correctly on Your iPhone Running iOS 7 ?

 How to Make Siri Pronounce Names the Correct Way on Your iPhone Running iOS 7Siri is one of the most amazing features you could ever use on your iPhone. It can easily figure out which apps to use for which requests, and it finds answers to queries through sources. It plays your favourite songs, gives you directions even wakes you up! Siri is very easy to use and does so much, you’ll be surprised from all the different features you can enjoy just by using Siri. Siri does not just understand what you tell her, but it’s smart enough to know what you mean, all you have to do is ask.

If you’re a Siri user, you would know that one of the biggest issues that could face the personal assistant is pronunciation. That’s why they’ve included a feature for the personal assistant to ask for help when pronouncing a difficult name with this year’s updated version of Siri in iOS 7.


The new Siri in iOS 7 detects when she has trouble responding to one of your commands. Siri can now learn how to properly spell the name instead of talking to mispronounce when giving commands.  After many tries to find the specific name, Siri would just give you a Contacts button, which you could easily tap and find your name by yourself. Once finding the contact, you could send a text.

After choosing your name, Siri will ask you to pronounce the name, showing up a new Pronounce screen with several options as to how to pronounce the name. If the options don’t sound correct, you can click Tell Siri again.

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how to make siri pronounce names correctly

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