How to Boost iPhone Battery Life with IOS 7

How to Boost iPhone Battery Life with IOS 7

The new IOS7 looks great, but did nothing to really help the iPhone battery life, in addition with new iPhone offering now great gain in battery life either. It is important to optimise your setting to improve battery life. The good thing is it is not the new big featureless like AirDrop etc that is draining the battery; it is a number of stealth features.

If you are having trouble with your phone battery that is running dry before the need of the day, then have a go at changing these settings to improve the battery life.

The Background App Refreshing
This cool new feature allows background apps stay active while you multitask. The trouble is that by default all the apps are set to constantly refresh, the net effect is that is a big drain on the battery, especially if you are an app freak and have play with lot’s of apps during the day.
To fix the above, go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh. Now, you can choose to disable the setting altogether, or just turn it off for the apps that don’t need refreshing. Have a good think about which apps really need refreshing. For instance you can keep email and Facebook but cancel all news readership, Instagram etc

Automated Updating for Apps
iOS’s automatic updates keeps your apps up-to-date, with the hassle of going into App Store to manually update. According to Apple, it’s designed to be battery friendly, but if you need you battery to last longer then you doesn’t really need your apps automatically updated as the expense of not having a phone.

Head to Settings > iTunes and Apple Store, and disable the Updates option. Just don’t forget to check the App Store for new app versions.

Locations based Apps (and other location services)

A huge battery drain for any device is the location-based apps and services. You would normally only associate location based requirements with map based apps but there are actually a huge amount of apps that using this service, this constant refreshing of location if a big drain on battery life.
What you have to do is think about which apps you really need to have access to this feature.

Then go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Scroll down and choose System Services. Some of these options are designed to improve your experience, but they come at the cost in terms of both privacy and battery. Disable any options you don’t actually need, like iAds. Then you can also go to the Frequent
Locations feature and disable it.

Being able to search your device is a great tool, if you use if a lot. Spotlight is constantly crawling for new data, then indexing it in order to provide this search feature, therefore it is a big drain on the battery.
If you do rely on Spotlight you should skip this option, but if you can live with only a partially indexed phone, then un-index some items.
Go to Settings > General > Spotlight Search, and uncheck the items you don’t absolutely need indexed.

Disable Dynamic Backgrounds (iOS 7)
Another nice new and shiny feature, gimmick with IOS7 is animated wallpapers that move underneath your app icons. If you value your battery life more than a sparkly background then yip it is a good idea to cull this feature.

Go to Dynamic Backgrounds in the Wallpapers & Backgrounds menu.

Turn Data Push Off
The iPhone can be set to automatically pull email and other data down at set intervals or whenever it is available. The device needs to access the network to download this data, if it is doing this every time an email if ready, it will kill battery life. It is much better to set this to a set time, like every 30 mins, or even better only download new data when the apps is opened.

Turn Off 3G/4G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
These are age old battery savers and are well documented and understood, so wont go into detail here but of course if you are facing a battery blackout then cut these service off, quick.


How to Boost iPhone Battery Life with IOS 7
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