Here are 20 things you probably don’t’ know about iOS 7:

Here are 20 things you probably don’t’ know about iOS 7:

1. All text’s get a timestamp.

A very irritating bug with the old version was that only some messages got a timestamp, meaning that it could be hard to work out when a text was exactly sent or received, when in conversation style. Thankfully this has been rectified.
Every single text is delivered with a timestamp next to it.


2. Easy access control dashboard

Apple has fixed one of the most annoying issues with changing setting by cutting the effort required to access basic functions such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, airplane mode and music.

Now instead of having to go into settings to change these features, or tap into music to change your playlist, just swipe up to access a new control panel.
The new panel gives you instant access to buttons for airplane mode, Wi-Fi, camera, clock, calculator, Bluetooth, music, do not disturb, a slider for brightness and media control. It also has a flashlight button….

3. Easy blocking of annoying people

I am sure that e have all had a time when we wanted to block someone from been able to make contact whether permanently or just temporarily, well now this can be done easily …

With iOS 7 Apple has introduced a way to block calls, texts and Face Time.

To block calls go to settings > phone > blocked.
To block text messages go to settings > messages > blocked.
To block Face Time calls go to settings > Face Time > blocked.
A point to consider is blocking any form, blocks all, so use with caution.

The downside is once you block someone from calling you, they also can’t text or Face Time you. Or if you block someone from Face Time you then they can’t call or text you either.


4. Siri can access and search Tweets (Twitter)

Sire can now search tweets and display them within the interface; Sire can now also display images from Google and Bing within its interface.

5. Sire can be thought to speak properly

Users can now pull Sire up on elocution and pronunciation and train her to say words correctly. Endless hours of fun. If you fancy training her to speak no so properly…

6. Find Tweets that you may have missed.

Why this feature is hidden within Safari’s bookmarks and not somewhere more prominent is a mystery, as it is a great little feature.
Within the Safari bookmark menu is a @ symbol, if you click on it, will display tweets from your Twitter feed that contain links.


7. Manual blocking of apps from using 3G/4G. Big data saver.

Data consumption is a big issue, especially if you are on a pay as you go plan, or unless you are lucky enough to have unimited data etc
Now if you want to stop apps chewing through your data you can block them from working over 3G or 4G, ensuring access is via Wi-Fi.
Simply go to settings > cellular and scroll down to view a list of apps which use the most data and select which ones you want to block.

8. Bubble compass (Spirit Level)

Hanging pictures, building a wall, um not sure what else but hey it could come in handy. Swipe to the second page and the app contains a “bubble interface” which lets you measure whether a surface is level or not.

9. Store unlimited apps inside folders.

This will surely be a favourite, app hoarders out there rejoice.
Previous version allowed only 16 apps to be stored in a folder, now in IOS7 you can store unlimited apps within a folder.

10. Spotlight search is now centered for easy access

Previously if you wanted to use Apple’s Spotlight search you had to swipe to the right from the home screen. With IOS7 the search function is available on every page. Just bring the search bar into view is swipe downwards.


11. Automated app updates

Simple yet very effective.
Updating apps was a pain, you had to go to the App Store and manually choose to update any apps.
With iOS 7 you can set your phone to automatically update every app. Just go to the App Store settings and choose automatic updates.
A great new feature is a separate button to prevent your iPhone from updating your apps while you’re using 3G or 4G.

12. Happy Birthday

No friends, no problem. Your iPhone will now wish you happy birthday

13. We all hate big brother

Last year Apple snuck in some sneaky browser tracking into iPhones.
The option to disable this feature used to be hidden within the ‘About’ menu in the settings app.
Apple has now moved this feature to the privacy category in settings. To prevent prying eyes from spying on your browsing history, go to settings > privacy > limit ad tracking and hit “on”.

14. Closing apps is re-structured

IOS 7 Multi-tasking and Closing Applications

It used to be that when you closed an app you either tapped the home button or held your finger over an app and waited for the little X icon to appear.
That has all changed with iOS 7. To close an app, double tap the home button to bring up a carousel of side-scrolling apps that are running in the background and swipe up on the screenshot of the app that needs closing.

Closing apps is especially important since the new iPhone did not come with any major battery life improvements.


15. Photo gallery gets a make-over.

The old photo gallery was very basic, just a big long list of photo’s, it was just too hard to cerate new albums and sort photos.
Now with IOS7 the photo app organises your photos into ‘Moments’ and ‘Collections’ which show images by day and location. The photo app also contains a ‘Years’ view which, as the name implies, shows you every picture you took over an entire year. If you hold your thumb over the collection of images you can preview individual photos and then jump right to them.

16. The camera is much improved

Rapid Photos: Users can now take rapid shot photos by tapping the shutter button.
New ‘square’ option: built-in features so you can take photos already designed for Instagram. The app also features an HDR mode which you can toggle on and off. You can also take photos while you’re recording video, a feature which is very similar to a feature on HTC’s android phone.


17. Siri know you are home

Users can new give Siri a home address.
Siri will then provide you with traffic updates tailored to your area in the notification centre’s ‘Today’ screen. Giving Siri your address has additional benefits, you can set reminders for when you get home. Feed the dog, water the plants etc.

18. AirDrop

A new feature is iOS 7 that will be a big hit is AirDrop
It allows users who are near each other to quickly send one another pictures, videos and other items using either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Kind of like the bump app feature but across all phone. This is a carbon copy of a good feature on Android phones.
Big positive too is that all transfers through AirDrop are encrypted, keep those pesky hackers and the NSA spy crews out.
How to Use AirDrop iOS 7 to Share Photos, Contacts and Other Files

How to Use AirDrop iOS 7 to Share Photos, Contacts and Other Files

How to Use AirDrop iOS 7 to Share Photos, Contacts and Other Files

How to Use AirDrop iOS 7 to Share Photos, Contacts and Other Files

19. Dynamic wallpapers

The new iOS7 allows users to select dynamic or animated wallpapers for their device’s background. iOS 7 comes with a few, but I am sure we will see an explosion of sites offering these new dynamic wallpapers. Again another feature that was well liked on Android.

20. iTunes Radio

Apple has gone hard with upping the Music functionality with IOS7. This could be the first Apple attack on music streaming services such as Pandora. You can now stream free music with Apple Radio, with ads in-between content. Not releases in all countries.

20 IOS7 features you probably didn’t know abou
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