Rumors about Fingerprint Scanning iPhone Technology to be Integrated in iPhone 5s/6

Rumors about Thumb Scanning Technology To Be Integrated in iPhone 6We have been hearing lots of rumored features which are said to be a part of the iPhone 5S or possibly 6 and the inclusion of Fingerprint Scanning iPhone. Without any doubt, Thumb/Finger scanning technology is the most, useful desired and talked about feature between all of those other features. Finger scanning technology is not a brand new feature for mobiles in all over the world as it has been used by Some Computers & other devices which need a strict authentication to protect some secret stuff.

The first reports about this Finger scanner technology was that it is expected to be located at the iPhone’s Iconic Home Button giving Home Button a new look. But according to the latest news, it can be expected that Finger/Thumb scanners can now be under the touch screen display of iPhone. iPhone screen will be able to trace Finger type & will identify anything already stored in iPhone to grant access. We can see that nice feature in Locking/Unlocking iPhone instead of entering 5 digit code & on the other side it could be used with other Apps which needs username & password.

If this fertile imagination of Apple comes into the real life in iPhone 5S it will make iPhone 5S the biggest update in iPhones history. To make it fully functional & to outdone LG (who is also tried to bring the same feature in their devices) Apple have to make it much more professional in responsiveness as many scanners need number of finger placing that attempt to allow access in the end.


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