How to Add Music on Your iPhone Without iTunes

We love Apple devices of course, yet there are a few really annoying defaults with Apple’s devices, the most annoying one is their reliance on iTunes for everything including all your music syncing needs. How to Put Music on Your iPhone Without Using iTunes If you want a song on your iPhone, you pretty much have to use iTunes to get it on there or buy it directly from the iTunes app on your device. So how to Add Music on Your iPhone Without iTunes ?

iTunes is a great way to buy and organize any music you want to buy and listen too, but sometimes you just don’t want to be restricted to one program. So what is our alternative? Thankfully there are a few ways we can extend beyond iTunes, and add music on your iPhone without using the iTunes! interface

There is a free service called cloud, and this service will let you upload your favourite music collection on or offline and enjoy it on your iPhone. Also there is Google Play Music, which allows users to upload up to 20,000 of their own songs for free. With the standard Google Play registration, you can upload your music into the cloud, listen to it on any device whenever you want.

In addition there is now Spotify and Rdio, which when subscribed to their premium services music and playlists can be saved to your iphone and uses whilst both on and off line.

Right now, there’s only one official Android app for Google Play Music, but they are applying it on one of iPhone new version and should be out very soon. Until then, you can use their web app in your iPhone’s web browser to play your music. To upload your music library to Google Play Music, you’ll need to download the Music Manager onto your computer.


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