Rumors about Apple iPhone 5S: ‘new champagne gold color coming’


Until this moment, Apple has only offered the iPhone in black and white, or ‘silver’ and ‘slate’ up till iPhone 5. However, a short report in TechCrunch Rumors about Apple iPhone 5Sconfirmed that Apple is about to add a shiny gold color option for its upcoming iPhone 5S.

According to TechCrunch the device is supposed to be completely covered by gold color, but maybe more subtle “champagne” color like the previously released gold iPod Mini.

A gold iPhone likely will have a good reputation in the Chinese and Indian Markets, there the color is really matter and very popular. Gold is now consider as one of the most popular color adjustments for current iPhones.

The report comes after the photos which the French website MacBoutic published spoken about the new gold iPhone 5S. BGR also published images of a champagne iPhone.

The news follow the  rumors after that and confirmed that Apple’s next-generation iPhone will be in gold and champaign, also include a fingerprint sensor, which could be used for unlocking the homescreen or to confirm your identity for payment from the App Store or other outlets. If the rumors are true, the upcoming iPhone will be the first Apple device that feature that kind of sensor. Motorola tried to do this before on the Atrix 4G device, which featured a fingerprint sensor, but customers reported assured that it failed to recognize their fingerprint.

Apple is expected to release the iPhone 5S at a huge media event on September 10.

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