Track your Fitness Routine with TomTom Nike GPS Sports Watch

Technology is everywhere, and it is not surprising that there is a watch that you can use to track your fitness regime. TomTom in association with Nike have come up with an intuitive wearable gadget (a watch) that can be used to track how many miles you run, swim, total distance you cover on foot outside your fitness regime, and so on. The most alluring aspect of this watch is that unlike the other fitness watches that look obvious and out-of-place, this is stylish and blends good styling with great features, which is an added advantage.

Main Features


The high contrast display is uniquely appealing and elegant, and this is something that Nike is good at doing. GPS is nothing new to TomTom and they have leveraged its full potential in creating this unique gadget. Other than the tracking of your fitness routine, there are several in-built fitness routines that fitness enthusiasts of all fitness levels can use. The fitness programs are amazing, and can work even for a professional athlete.

A Few Features

The watch is made available in a few different colors, considering the fact that people are conscious about what they wear even while working out. The watch is also waterproof and can be worn even while swimming, and this is a feature that many serious fitness buffs will appreciate.

Overall, Nike and TomTom seem to have done a very good job with the fitness watch and there is no reason why it cannot be successful. The pricing, although a little steep, is not over the top and if you want a good quality gadget, you have to deal with a slightly higher price.

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