Speculation about the Apple iPhone 6

iphone 6

Although Apple is a giant in the technology field as of now, rumor has it that the release of the iPhone 6 has the capacity to propel the company to the topmost position in the market. The highly anticipated phone is awaited by a major chunk of the general populous of Apple users, and has high expectations to fulfill.

What May be Added to the iPhone 6

Apple has continued to increase the storage capacity of its smart phones and it is said that the iPhone 6 will come in variants of data card capacities ranging from sixteen to a hundred and twenty eight GB storage. Claims have been made that security features will be bumped up, and the Siri voice activation software may also be given a boost in order to ensure the safety of your iPhone.

Features to Excite and Enhance Performance

The new iTunes Radio is an expansion of the already present iTunes, and adds a familiar feature where you can select the music of your choice easily, even by using audio-incorporated software. An old issue however has been the battery consumption of the device, and it is rumored that a new enhanced system of wireless charging may take us out of this dilemma.

Potential Hardware Improvements

The new RSS reader with high functionality is expected in the iPhone 6. It is also suspected that Apple will allow you to integrate your phone with most 2014 model cars that will then allow you to use it as a rear view mirror. More basic upgrades would include being waterproof and having a longer battery life.

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