Selfie iPod Touch from Apple for the Summer

Budgeting has become the most important activity of the year, especially with the economic crunch hitting some people more than the others. There were a lot of talks about how Apple will never compromise on quality even if the devices cost more. But that seems to be a bad call at this point of time, as Apple unveiled a toned down version of the iPod Touch for the summer, at a lower price. Although this device is similar to the iPod Touch in most ways, there are a few features missing, and so, the lower pricing.

What Are We Missing in Selfie iPod Touch?


The first and the most significant feature that was missing in the new iPod Touch was the back camera. The earlier version of the iPod Touch had the beloved camera that most people loved and wanted. This is definitely a feature that most people will miss. There is also no lanyard, using which you could hold the iPod. Although this might seem inconsequential, a lot of people will complain about this. Last but not the least, the storage capacity. Apple has toned down the memory from 32 GB to 16 GB flat, with no other options. This will be a little harsh on the people who store all their music on their iPods.

Apple has introduced the more powerful processor and RAM in the $229 version of iPod Touch, which might please some fans who are keen on performance. Budgeting seems to have caught up with Apple as well, and this may be a sign of things to come.


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