iTunes Radio Expected to be a Hit


iTunes Radio is a free radio service featured in Apple’s new mobile phone software, the iOS 7. It works through the internet and allows Apple users to tune in anytime, anywhere, and listen to their favorite radio stations. The iTunes Radio feature is not restricted only to your iPhone, you may use it on any Apple product such as the Mac, PC, iPod, iTouch, or even Apple TV.

Personalize Your Radio Station

In order to access the stations, you may choose out of the available stations on the radio feature and select among the listed radio stations. The software is also smart, in the sense that with increased usage of iTunes and iTunes Radio, your Apple device slowly integrates your entered data over your period of ownership and offers you options that you have previously chosen. Also, you have the option of personalizing your radio depending on the type of songs you like. People will probably love the “first listen” option it premiers, where you are updated with the latest hits that are creating a buzz today.

Voice Activation and Easy Usage

An easy to buy, easy to access app, the Apple iTunes Radio is just a click away from you when its new iOS 7 is released later in the year. You may even use the voice activation software Siri to enhance your experience, as you need not even type out the song you wish to listen to, rather simply say it into your iPhone.


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