Is the Galaxy S4 Mini from Samsung a Threat to iPhone 5

Samsung has always used negative marketing tactics when it comes to competing with Apple. When the Galaxy S3 was released, just a month before the iPhone, it was intended to snatch away a section of the iPhone market. Even after the iPhone 5 was released, Samsung released a list that compared features, which portrayed S4 as better than the iPhone 5. Recently, the South Korean technology giant unveiled the Galaxy S4 Mini. First thoughts are that it is bigger than the iPhone 5. 

Technical Specifications

galaxy s4

On a serious note, the Galaxy S4 Mini is another good handset from the Samsung stables. To begin with, it has most of the features that the S4 boasts of, which is an advantage in itself. Also, the device has a 4.3” screen, and an 8 MP rear facing camera, which is not too bad for a budget phone. For those of you wondering why this particular device was launched, here is the answer. The upper hand that Samsung has over Apple is in the fact that it caters to a wide range of customers, especially the ones on a budget. The brand value that is associated with ‘Galaxy S4’ is good and Samsung is hoping to leverage that, to sell some S4 Mini devices. After all, a majority of the consumers will be willing to make some compromises on the features for the lower price.

Although details are not available on the in-depth features of S4 Mini, we can expect that Samsung has done a good job on the same, as they have consistently delivered over the last couple of years. Consumers will have to wait and see if the S4 Mini can be serious competitor to the iPhone.

galaxy s4

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