iPhone Data Speeds Being Throttle Purposefully by Apple


A lot of people choose iPhone or Apple devices for that matter for its superb performance and the quality that it manages to deliver time and again. However, a developer has reported that he has found hacks, or pieces of codes, on iPhone 5 devices offered by a few carriers that throttle data download speeds purposefully. The reason for this is not clear, as Apple has not issued any statement regarding the same.

Throttling on Verizon and AT&T Networks

The person behind this discovery is developer Joseph Brown and he even posted the snippets of the code or the hack that limited data speeds. On the AT&T network, the hack limited the iPhone 5 to the category 10 HSPDA network. The category 10 has a maximum speed of 14.4Mbps. However, AT&T networks are capable of delivering HSPDA speeds of up to 21.1Mbps on their networks.

The Apple devices on the Verizon network also had the same type of limitations on its 4G LTE network that throttled download speeds. Incidentally, the companies are also throttling even the Sprint and Verizon 3G networks.

Apple has the control

According to Brown, Apple is the sole owner and the controller of the code that is on its devices and they have the capability of doing this. Although Galaxy devices are performing better than Apple devices because of this limitation, it is not clear why Apple is not letting its devise perform to its maximum possible level.


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