Google Play Music All Access service is closer to deployment – one month until it becomes available on iOS

The Google Conference, “At the D: All Things Digital”, has gathered representatives from Chrome, Android as well as iOS. While the participation of the Google representatives was to be expected it came as a bit of a surprise to see Apple being represented.

The reason why this is so is because a new service – Google Play Music All Access – is to become available to the iOS users.

The Google power product will allow all current gen iOS users to download an application which will allow them to listen to music, without any limitations. The service however will be delivered on a monthly fee subscription service. The service will not allow the user to save the music, but there won’t be any other limitations.

The lack of a limit of songs to be listened to comes as a pleasant surprise to the iOS environment given that in the past, the service which was already available for Android devices and desktops had this limit. It is unknown if these limitations once lifted for the iOS will be lifted for all the menagerie of devices, desktops and Android. So to be use to get this advantage, you need to use iOS.

Another question that hasn’t been tackled yet is whether or not one subscription will allow access from iOS as well as desktop or other Android devices. At this point however it is more likely that an iOS subscription will only be available on one single device.

The Google Play Music All Access is not completely new to the iOS environment though. Apps such as the gMusic app allowed iOS users to listen to music from Google, but there were a few limitations and glitches that came with this approach. The main limitation was the interface of the app, which was more akin to a radio app, in layout and applicability.

With this announcement users can breathe easy – the new app and service will run the service natively and the options to customize one’s searches, to create playlists and to find new music through a social platform will be put on the table.

What hasn’t yet been announced is whether the older All Access radio application will still allow users to access the service, but, given that the new application is built in collaboration with Google, it makes more sense to use this one, since it will receive more updates, and offer more options to the user.

The Google Play Music All Access is bound to have some repercussion on the sales that iTunes provide. It is however a little too early to make any predictions and to consider how this will affect the iTunes environment. From a user perspective however, this service will allow more people to listen to a lot more music and have access to singles and albums as soon as they come out without having to purchase them. Expect the application to become available by the end of June.

Google Play Music
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