Five Color Variants in Low Cost iPhone: Analyst


A lot of people are looking forward to the low cost iPhone and there have been a lot of rumors, some of them reliable, on this front. The latest rumor on the block is that the low cost iPhone will come in five different color choices. Brian White, a capital analyst with Topeka has said that this is one of the more colorful devices, which are yet to come out of the Apple stables. For all of you bored with the black and white colored iPhones, here is the option.

Why Colors for iPhones

It is a little surprising that Apple is deviating so much from their original strategy of black and white devices considering that the strategy was and has been working so well for them. According to a market expert, Apple has conducted extensive market research in the developing markets, which is what Apple is targeting for its low cost iPhone. According to the research, consumers in the developing market like fancy colors along with a cheaper price tag for their phones. Considering Apple’s obsession on matching the expectations of the consumers as much as possible, this move should not come as a surprise.

Low Cost Phone to be Launched before iPhone 5S

It is more or less certain that the next device in the iPhone line will be the iPhone 5S and analysts feel that Apple will release the low cost iPhone before the release of the 5S. Apple has a very shrewd way of marketing their offerings, and this might just be one of their more clever moves to contend with.  


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