Feature Packed OS X Mavericks Released

operating system

Apple continues to lead the industry in terms of entertainment and feature packed solutions for users worldwide. Windows still holds majority of the market share because of its widespread use. But Apple continues to increase sales and win customer satisfaction among those who prefer high utility and extremely fluid operating systems (OS), and do not mind paying a higher price for the same.

The Powerful New Added Features

The OS X comes with over two hundred added features when compared to its previous version. The OS is designed for users who are highly dependent on their Apple hardware, as it allows them to perform various tasks and multi-task easily. The OS X Mavericks claims to be the best version yet with new features such as upgraded Maps and iBooks applications available for high utility-engaging software which may come in handy in many different spheres of day-to-day life.

Easy Usage and Performance

The new enhanced multi-display support system has improved the app very well. The earlier performance issues that people had trouble with, for example, power saving, is now improved with added energy savings features. The Maps app is one that is a hit as it has clear, excellent quality vector graphics and a three-dimensional interactive player allowing you to get a proper feel of your location and how to get where you need to. The powerful new feature packed OS X Mavericks even allows you use your HDTV as a display output for your computer using AirPlay and Apple TV.

operating system

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