Does Apple Have A Point to Prove at Developers Conference?


When you talk about Apple as a company that is likely to be an investment option or a prospective employer, you will get a feel of something that cannot be flawed. But the fact is that the aura of invincibility that Apple had in the same phase of last year, is not there now. Stock prices are not as good as we expected it to be, and the company has been facing some stiff competition. So, it seems that Apple does have a point to prove this time around at the developers’ conference.

iOS 7 and iRadio

Quite obviously, Apple is playing two of its major cards for this year, together, at the developers’ conference: the iOS 7 and iRadio. There have been a lot of rumors about how the iOS will have a visually downgraded interface and a lot of other detrimental news. So, the buildup has not been as good as it should have been.

The iRadio on the other hand is a completely different story. Apple revolutionized the way music is bought through their iTunes and iPod initiative. This new music streaming service called iRadio has already gathered a lot of interest and attention. Apple is known to take the ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary, and the same is expected of the iRadio service as well.

In a way, Apple has a lot riding on this developers’ conference, but do not be surprised if the efforts are a little mellowed down. Apple typically remains calm before they spring a surprise on all the fans.


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