Budget iPhone in the Pipeline at Apple

One of the few complaints, if any, that Apple fans around the world have is the lack of budget options in the iPhone line. Steve Jobs had quite clearly said that ‘if you want quality, be ready to pay for it and we will deliver’, and Apple did deliver. But even Apple has been facing some competition from its biggest competitor, Samsung’s android phones, because of their low-priced budget models. This has forced Apple to go against their earlier decision and think about a low priced, budget edition of the iPhone. Although there is no clear news on when this will be available, or how much it is going to be priced, we know that it is a project in the making.

How Will Apple Cut Down Prices?


Judging by the work ethic and the obsession with quality that Apple has had over the years, we can safely assume that they will deliver high quality mobile devices, even if on a budget. But Apple will have to achieve the budget at the cost of certain features. You might not be able to see the big screens, retina display, and the high speed processing among other features that are integral properties of the iPhone. But the general consensus is the iPhone will be of high quality and we certainly hope that Apple can deliver on this front.

There was news that the budget iPhone will be released at the end of 2013 and we certainly hope that this will be the case, as we would love to see what Apple can come up with.


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