Black and White Theme for iOS 7

The realistic theme of iOS until date has been very popular with the users and there were many positive reviews that Apple received for the iOS 6 updates. But all this seems to be going downhill come the launch of iOS 7. If rumors are true, we will see the realistic outlook of the iOS being replaced by a flat, black and white themed iOS 7. Although Apple has not made any announcement in this regard, reliable sources have been quoted as saying that this will be the approach that Apple will take for iOS 7.

Is Apple Sacrificing Visual Appeal for Performance?

Apple has always been known to deliver outstanding products, and the Black and White theme might not be such a hard pill to swallow after all. The designers at Apple are some of the best in the world, and they could even come up with a better theme using only shades of Black and White. But from an analytical point of view, the reason why Apple might have gone in favor of the flat design is the performance. When there is a lesser load on the processor to process colors for display, that difference in processing capability can be used to deliver performance that is so important for Apple customers.

ios 7

The developers’ conference that is around the corner will be hotly anticipated by all the Apple fans, as this is most likely the platform through which Apple will unveil iOS 7. There is still no reason to panic as Apple has exceeded expectations every single time, and there is no reason why they cannot do the same now.

ios 7

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