Apple May Lose Up To $680M Due to Ban on Older Models of iPhone and iPad


Apple and Samsung has always been involved in some legal battle or the other, ever since the inception of Android, and the latest patent dispute might cause a loss of up to $680M to Apple. In a surprise move, the ITC (US International Trade Commission) has ruled in favor of Samsung in the latest legal tussle, and this ruling has banned the import of a few older models of the iPad and iPhone into the US.

Apple Riding on Samsung Developed Hardware

The decision was followed by understandably contrasting statements from both Samsung and Apple. Samsung said that the latest ITC verdict clearly asserts Samsung’s claim that Apple has been, directly or indirectly, making use of the technology developed at Samsung through years of research and development. He said that this dispute began in June 2011, and took a long time to be resolved.

Apple on the other hand said that the ITC decision was disappointing, but the company will ensure that this will have no impact on the US customers. The statement also added that Samsung is making use of techniques other than quality and good products to suppress Apple in its strongest market, the United States.

Appeal by Apple

Apple also added that they would appeal this decision. The ban can be enforced, unless Apple gets the appeal in its favor, or the White House vetoes the decision in the 60-day review period of the president. Apple fans can only rely on hope at this point of time.


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