Apple Gives Teaser to the Mac Pro

A little earlier this June, Apple gave people a sneak peak into what the future Mac Pro desktop may look like. The next generation hardware has an amazing design, and it is said that the desktop architecture is specifically made for performance enhancement and optimization of the process.

Next Generation Hardware in a Small Package

operating system

The Mac Pro desktop design comes with next gen Xeon processors, the Thunderbolt 2, and dual GPUs made to create a great working station. The PCIe flash storage as well as the ECC memory allows you to work at an optimum speed. The Mac Pro comes with an amazing amount of working capacity and power for the small size of 9.9 inches. Do not be fooled by the size though, for under its hood, the Pro has all the features to run at excellent performance rates.

Power under the Mac Pro

The clever unified thermal core is what lets the small-sized desktop work at such optimum levels. It allows the desktop to share the entire thermal capacity evenly and efficiently across all its processors. In addition, the Xeon E5 processor can hold up to twelve core configurations and gives us double the floating point performance compared to the earlier one. The compute power of this desktop can go up to seven teraflops of computing power. To go with all the power in this system, the Pro even lets you edit high resolution 4K video while continuing with effects simultaneously.

Apple Mac Pro

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