$229 IPod touch to replace the older 4th gen model


Apple has announced a new iPod that will replace its older 4th generation $299 model. The price cut of $70 between the 2 models, while significant, leaves a lot to be desired. Particularly because this new model no longer sports a rear facing camera and also, for the time being, the only memory capacity available is 16GB.

Apple also announced that the 4th generation model will be discontinued, while the 5th generation models and this particular $229 model will continue to be sold in official Apple stores.

In terms of internal specifications the $229 model sports the same internals: an A5 dual core proc, the usual PowerVR GPU – SGX535, a total of 512MB RAM, and a high resolution 1136×640 display (4 inch). Communications are handled via Bluetooth and dual band 802.11n networking capabilities.

Bottom line is this – Apple takes away the ability to take pictures, but introduces a much faster hardware infrastructure. The older model which is replaced was the only IPod to still use a single core A4 processor along with a total of 256MB of RAM.

The announcement is also very likely to mean that Apple will discontinue support for its range of devices running iOS 7, which operates on all current mobile devices. The new OS will most likely be available for all 5th generation devices.

The question that this raises is whether Apple will consider this particular iPod touch a fifth generation or not. Thankfully, the hardware seems to support a new generation of OS, as the combination of dual core processor and relatively powerful graphics chip, while less powerful, still seems pretty buff to use a newer and probably more resource hungry OS.

The new iPod touch is available in the online Apple stores starting today – 31 May, and down the line it will become available to brick and mortar stores throughout. Along with this model the 5th gen 32GB and 64GB models will continue to be sold for their current prices – $299 and $399.

So, the question is – which one should you purchase. Clearly, if you’re in for taking pictures and love to have this option open on your device, the $229 model will not make the cut. However, if you want an updated, more powerful iPod but the budget is tight, this will be the device for you.

Ultimately, with a judicious use of your storing space, 16GB can still be quite enough to carry around a large library of music as well as a few videos and movies. Given that you won’t need any extra space to store pictures, it seems like a fairly decent deal.

So, in conclusion, while the $299 remains the lesser iPod contender it is dramatically more powerful and more well rounded than its older 4th gen sibling. At this point all the iPod menagerie is current gen – 5th generation, making it easier for you to manage future updates and use the iOS new additions that are going to be introduced.

Ipod Touch 5th Gen
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  1. Chelsea Pugh said:

    In an era of tablets of all shapes and sizes, or smartphones of varying degrees of tablet-approaching vastness, what room is there for a device like the iPod Touch? I’d say “the humble music player,” but the Touch is no longer that, nor has been for years. It’s a phoneless iPhone, an “iPad that fits in your pocket,” as Donald Bell said last year about the fourth-generation iPod Touch. The 2012 model, the fifth-generation Touch, has made a vibrant return after essentially taking a year off: this is the first upgrade to the hardware since 2010.

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