New to the iTunes App Store: Amazon Cloud Drive Photos for iOS Devices

Cloud computing is changing the way we operate and this new launch by Amazon is surely to consider. Amazon has just launched it’s new iOS app, Amazon Cloud Drive Photos, the app lets you upload your photos to Cloud Drive. So if you’re looking for a new solution to back up your iPhone’s photos to the cloud and access them on other devices, ie not only Apple devices Amazon has a new solution for you.

Amazon Cloud Photo

Amazon Cloud Photo

The app works across both iPad or iPhone and will store 5GB of images for free, which is pretty standard and the same as majority of free cloud storage services such as Google Drive, iCloud and SkyDrive which I think gives you 7GB for free, of photos in the Amazon Cloud for you for free. If you have more storage, plans start at $10 a year for 20GB.

Amazon Cloud Drive Photos has been out and working on Android devices since November. If you are wondering what why this is any better than iCloud, well the key is that once photos are uploaded to the Amazon Cloud they can be viewed on a PC, Android Smartphone, iOS device, or Mac. Photos can also be uploaded from your web browser and download them to your iPhone later.

Take a look at the full release features below:


Store and secure thousands of photos in your Amazon Cloud Drive
Protect your memories – photos from your iPhone or iPod touch are automatically saved to Cloud Drive whenever the app is running
Have access to your entire photo collection in the Amazon Cloud, even those that aren’t in your Camera Roll
View your photo albums in stunning layouts from your iPhone or iPod touch
Share your Cloud Drive photos on Facebook, Twitter, and through e-mail
With Amazon Cloud Drive, all of your photos can be stored in one place and are available anywhere.

If you like what you see the Amazon Cloud Photo App is available from the iTunes store for free.

We give it a Mac Tips 6/10 rating, nice cross device usage but nothing new and no additional storage over existing services.

Amazon Cloud Photo

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