iPhone 5S Features: Whispering Birdies say Possible Finger Print Security and NFC

The next Apple smartphone prove to be one of the most secure and have stronger mobile security, says a PayPal executive.

According to MacWorld, PayPal Chief Information Security Officer Michael Barrett believes the end of passwords is imminent.

“Passwords, when used ubiquitously everywhere at Internet scale are starting to fail us,” he said during a keynote speech at Interop.

Barret noted that the next Apple smartphone, whether it is the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, will provide better security.



“It’s widely rumored that a large technology provider in Cupertino, (California) will come out with a phone later this year that has a fingerprint reader on it,” he said. “There is going to be a fingerprint enabled phone on the market later this year. Not just one, multiple.”

Can we expect this fingerprint security to be the end of the password, well that remains to be seen, however we can ask the question: how many people use the finger print security on their laptop instead of a login password ?

This is a sentiment that is shared by the above source:

Barrett stated the trend to use a fingerprint system might take a while but as the world continues to change, it may take several years before seeing a “real, mass turning of the ship. But the ship is turning.”

Barrett’s discussion about Apple working on fingerprint security technology is not new, there was a recent report that has been circulating that stated a Taiwanese chip firm’s claim that Apple is working on a fingerprint sensor. This could be used to support significant increased security that would be stepping stone to NFC based payment and Google Wallet style transactions.

The purpose of this new fingerprint sensor would be to provide better security when making transactions, a secure version current tap and go payment systems.

NFC was thought to help assist the iOS 6′s Passbook, which is Apple’s own version of the Google Wallet. NFC has been credited to helping secure those transactions as it has with Samsung’s Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Nexus.

iPhonr FingerPrint Scanning

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