How Do I Run Android Apps on Mac OS X Desktop

Have you ever wanted to run Andorid Apps on the Mac OS X, just like an regular application, hell yea, I hear you say. Well ofcourse, Android has a huge marketplace full of excellent Apps that would be great to run on MacBooks and any Mac computer.


Thank fully there are a growing number of excellent Android apps, and these can easily be run on Mac. Here’s how:
Good to know, that there are a great number of cool Android apps that can be run on the Mac. See below for detailed instructions on how to get this going …
First we need to:

1.) Download and install Bluestack.

2.) We now enable the App Store on the installed Bluestack app, this does required a Google account, sure most have one but if you dont why not ? Get one, its free plus you get access to whole host of great tools such as Google Drive, Google Mail, Google Docs and so on and so forth.

3.) Once we are done, then next step is to setup 1-Click Sync which will then link Bluestack up with your Android. BlueStack operates as an additional smartphone device so data can be synced betweeen existing Android device (if you have on ofcourse) and Bluetack

Steps 2 and 3 happen automatically when you first try to install any app on Bluestack. So the steps should be easy and logical to follow.

4) Boom, last next is to install and run any apps that you may wish.
Issues to Consider

It needs to be noted that Bluestack for Mac is in beta stage. So it does have some issues. The biggest been that it does not sync with the users Google account. The account is setup and loaded but the important bits like calendar and other data will not sync.

Some Cool Uses

Whatsapp. – Whatsapp is an excellent tool for sending SMS like messages to people on their smartphones, the best bit been that you can send messages to user of all devices not just Apple devices as with the comparable Apple products such as Apple’s Messages / Messenger / iMessage / F app.

AirDisplay – Wouldn’t it be nice to add another display to your Mac? How about if it was wireless? If that sounds like something you’d like look no further.

DroidCloud – This app is the answer to many a CloudApp fan’s prayers; a native Android client.

AirSync – This app does quite a bit, including giving your Android Phone the ability to stream content over AirPlay. That’s worth every penny.

Android File Transfer


It’s possible Apple will eventually merge the OS X and iOS platforms. This article on CNet discusses this and is worth reading if that’s of interest to you.

Mac O SX Andorid
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