A Tip for the tired

Wellington, Tuesday 09 April 2013

Dear friends, supporters, subscribers and casual visitors,

a couple of weeks ago I wrote Mac Tip #575, although there have been a couple of entries since then, and at least a couple of dozen unnumbered Tips over the years.

That’s a lot of Tips, and it’s time to stop.

Including the Eudora Tips I wrote for a couple of years before I started the general Mac Tips, I’ve been doing this work for almost 14 years now. One Tip each week, sometimes two, and only occasional breaks for a week or two.

Quite honestly, I’m tired.

I’d like to thank you all for reading, leaving comments, contributing Tips. I’d especially like to thank those who were generous enough to donate money to help cover the basic costs of the site in the last couple of years.

Thanks too, to those who clicked the ads or bought books, software or other products through the affiliate links. Those clicks sometimes helped pay for a meal out or a novel or training video.

I’m not sure what will happen to the website. I’ll be leaving it online as thousands of people visit each month after searching for information. I may try to sell the site. I’m certainly interested in offers. But there will be no new Tips now.

Thanks for joining me on the MacTips journey.

Take care, and enjoy all that you have while you have it.

Miraz Jordan, knowit.co.nz.

Goodbye from Miraz.

Goodbye from Miraz.

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  1. leslie paoletti said:

    Thank you so much for all of your time and labor these years. I really appreciate your effort and skill at making things sometimes baffling to me easy to understand. Your smiling face and good words will be missed :)

  2. Brian said:

    Another site bites the dust. Was nice knowing you.

  3. Scottie said:

    Thank you for all that you have contributed over the years !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Robin said:

    So sorry that there won’t be any more tips, but glad you’re leaving the site up. Thanks so much for all the tips you have written. They have helped me a lot.

    Rest well and hopefully we’ll see you with something new and interesting in the future.

  5. Sanjeev said:

    Thanks a ton for the Tips over the years Miraz. You brought out all the hidden treasures of Mac/iOS. Your tips will be sorely missed. Thank you.

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